Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Why is "clean" so important you ask?

The FDA allows chemicals known to cause cancer including parabens, phalates, formaldehyde, lead and more to be used in products we use on ourselves and our families each day. (YIKES!) The very product that is intended to “clean” or “beautify” you can actually make you toxic and harm your health.

Many people don't realize that our skin is the largest organ of our body. That's right, ORGAN! What we put on our skin goes into our blood stream, lymphatic system etc. and can make us well or make us sick! My eyes were truly opened to all of the harmful toxins in skin care and make up when I had children and realized I wanted to be as organic and natural as possible to care of their precious little systems.

Once I opened my wellness salon/spa, I went full force into finding the BEST brands to bring you that not only are healthy but deliver real, professional results! Here you will find quality products for the whole family! This is a total wellness domain where you will find the best vitamins, supplements, essential oils, household products, baby products, make up, skincare, healthy recipes created by me, Kombucha recipes, videos, lives and so much more! Stay tuned as it will be updated often!

My promise to you is a safe place where you can come learn, grow, ask, buy and enjoy! Happy Shopping!



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